Life Doesn’t Get Better Than OPI Lucky, Lucky Lavender.

Let’s have some fun.

Pinks and purples, with a loan pale orange, inhabit space on my shelf of nail polish. Lucky Lucky Lavender is the premium shade of purple. But I am open minded enough to experiment. However, I stay away from the browns and grays. Essence of Morticia Addams.

All throughout my twenties, while tending to the needs of children and the household, I avoided nail polish. Didn’t seem practical and my nails were not healthy. Lots of splitting and stunted growth. Never mind.

In the last five years I have benefitted from an assist via Biotin — a godsend really. My nails came into their own as I aged. By the time I reached my 50s I was full steam ahead. Essie also takes a place beside the others. Fun names. Do You Lilac It and It Takes A Westlake Village have magical qualities. Both shades provide distinctive therapeutic value. Happy colors. Femininity personified.

I do my own nails. I feel satisfied with the results most of the time. Let’s have some fun.

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