Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?

A line from the movie The God’s Must Be Crazy. Order the dvd from Amazon for $13.92. Dated but hilarious and very clever.

This line is spoken by a woman seated at a table having a meal. A teacher, newly arrived to the area, joins her. To greet the new arrival the first woman has to establish the situation in the most polite way possible, asking the pivotal question.

And what about those noises? They do come and go. In the psychiatric realm they are referred to as auditory hallucinations. Auditory.

The space between me and the floor of the bedroom plays with me. To my left on the carpet. We have had vermin visit the interior of our home multiple times. The last time I had to call the exterminator as I had discovered droppings in the corner of the kitchen and two bedrooms. He announced they were mouse droppings. Too small for rats. Exterminator proceeded to direct my next steps. Placing a trap (with chocolate no less) at the spot under the kitchen sink would clinch the deal. I was fast asleep when I was awakened by the loud snapping sound. There ya go. Disposed of the trap with mouse the next morning.

Auditory hallucinations continued the next evening while I fell asleep. No more mouse, so what gives?

There is no animal living in the bedroom closet. No bump to the bed. No feathers, no fur, nothing. I leave piles of school supplies on the floor next to the closet doors. They go consistently untouched.

I have heard a low brief humming sound. I picked up a quick beep, twice. Not to be outdone by the most unusual and fleeting, the rustling sound of wings. I am familiar with that sound. I have two parakeets. But they haven’t become quite clever enough to exit their cages, find the bedroom — and rustle.

Since I do not resort to turning on the light, I am curious but frightened enough to not want to see evidence that some creature is visiting my space, I have only sounds to go by. This phenomena has been ongoing for a year or so. Don’t know if the noise bothers anyone else. It bothers me.

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