Made In Not China


DSCN0030The tag on the item says Made In The Philippines. This is actually the same as saying, Made In Not China. With regards to the place of origin I have pieces of clothing that hail from Mexico, Vietnam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and my personal favorite, Qatar. What?! I had to get the world map out to familiarize myself with that one.  A token nod is given to the two tops and one dress I own that, surprisingly, are a product of the U.S.A.  I get it, labor is cheaper overseas.  I think a fitting project for a high school geography/sociology teacher would be to have students go through their clothing, find a piece made in a foreign country, and do research for a paper complete with data on sweatshops and how the garment industry has altered (for better or worse) the economy and the lives of…

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