Tompall Glaser

The artist responsible for singing the popular song about throwing logs on a fire and keeping company with your sister. Well, it’s not really popular with my husband, but what does he know of appreciation for the finer things? Though he did marry the Queen. Not sure why my husband deems it unfit to join in chorus. I did not know there was any such thing as a country artist not producing good music. By definition, I thought it was all good. Like mom and dad and apple pie.  (I prefer lemon meringue. Tart and sweet at  the same time…you can’t go wrong with a pie that boasts yellow)

This song shot to the public’s attention back in the 70s. It was a joke. Meant to be humorous. And I thought it was. Irreverence scores with me. Others objected to it, but what did they know of appreciation for the finer things?

Put another log on the fire… so goes the opening line. Not to be outdone by, Go out to the car, and lift it up and change the tire.

Keep in mind this isn’t a man speaking to his teenage son, rather, a man issuing instructions to his beleaguered wife.

Now don’t I let you wash the car on Sunday. Don’t I warn you when you’re gettin’ fat.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have buy-three-get-a-fourth free car wash coupons with Six Flags Car Wash. So the crew at Six Flags is doing the work. I don’t mind putting a log on the fire, and I do so readily…if I want to be warm…hate winter. Definitely will not lift up the car to change a tire. I have never possessed upper body strength. And I can’t afford to mess up my manicure. OPI in “Lucky Lucky Lavender”.

And, getting fat! Ha!! There are just some things I don’t do. That’s one of them. Tap dancers look best doing time steps without excess weight.

I will teach a new session of tap classes beginning the 12th. I am leaning toward introducing the class to this piece of music. I think we can time step to it as we contemplate going  fishin’ and fillin’ his pipe.

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