Raising Arizona

There is a hilarious movie our entire family enjoys. Raising Arizona starring Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter. Too damn funny!

Work’s what’s kept us happy.” Is the line coming from a recent prison escapee. It’s funny and simultaneously accurate to the “T” for me.

Work is a gift. Jobs are a boon. For more than just monetary reasons.  I hold 3 jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area…for monetary reasons…and sanity. Everything I involve myself in carries a great deal of meaning. I can not stay home exclusively anymore. Did that with two small children for eleven years. My “kids” are fully grown and entirely on their own. They do not call us for money because they have more than we have. Ha!

The line from the movie was written for me. I am happiest in the workplace. I have recently emailed a family member explaining that I do best with strangers, acquaintances, students and coworkers. Family is, well, family. I was not able to pick my parents. I would have certainly picked a different pair. So, it stands. Work it is.

And ya know, I do not keep track of miles driven each day I am on my way to work. Likewise, I do not keep track of gallons pumped each time I pull into the gas station. Why would I? Neither type of tracking will determine if I continue working at such a distance from home. The end of my breathing will determine that.

Kept us happy…


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