Everything Is Sweet

So says my daughter-in-law, Yume.

She moved to the states from Japan four years ago, in time to marry my oldest son, Lance. They are quite the couple. They have added another member to the family in the form of their son, Ewan. Lots of people say this about their grandchildren, that they are so cute, and smart (ad nauseum) but my claim happens to be accurate. Ewan is the embodiment of cute factor and sharp brain function.

Yume and Lance decided to go for #2. Another baby is on the way for an appearance in late May/early June.

Discomfort. This is all Yume knows at this point. Giant waves of morning sickness. When they arrived for Christmas, I had arranged cookies in two plates where they sat on the dining table. Sweets make Yume sick. Okay, I blew that one. In fact, Lance shared with me that Yume is finished with the American diet. Sick of all the sweet food. Everything Americans eat is laden with sugar. So it seems to her. And I don’t argue with that. I have had a Taiwanese student and three Chinese students echo the sentiment.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind (no small feat) to prepare (and I cook three dishes a year) my favorite. Tortilla soup. Yume enjoyed the departure from sweet.

Being that my foray into the kitchen to actually cook something is a monumental occurrence, I was happy to provide a dish Yume could savor without the requisite American component. Tortilla soup does not come sweet.


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