She works at Nordstrom Rack, Dublin, CA. We met as I stood near the check-out with my sole purchase-to-be, a pair of black boots. I am proud of my thrifty ways although this may sound contradictory considering what Nordstrom is known for. Well, this is the Rack. Supposedly a step down, or two, from the full-fledged, in-your-face, outrageously-priced-items, parent store, Nordstrom. Problem is, the Rack still has $500 sweaters and $1,000 coats. I combed the shoe department for something under $50. I am a sleuth. There in the size 7 1/2 aisle were the boots that would become mine. Just three cents short of a fifty-dollar bill. I did not, however, come equipped with cash.

Enter Trina. She approached me saying, “Are you ready to check out?” Uh, yes. I am not sure where she came from because she certainly wasn’t behind the counter with the other clerks. She showed me her little piece of technology. “This is brand new and I am not certain I can use it correctly but they are telling us to get out there and use it.” The little black device was like a miniature computer. Trina took my debit card, inserted it like a chip (see, Chip Chip Hooray) and proceeded with the transaction. I never had to set foot in line at the checkout!

But the best part of my interaction with Trina came as we talked about the crazy Bay Area traffic. She lives in Castro Valley. This was the segue for her next statement. “I travel to Boston every summer and stay with my folks.” I told her I had traveled to Alexandria, VA, Washington D.C., and New York City, but never Boston. Trina made the comment that Boston was a smaller version of NYC. I’m there. “Come with me to Boston next Summer,” she offered. Nine minutes had elapsed since the conversation began, and here I was, nearly packing my bags for a Boston vacation! Trina handed me a slip of paper with her contact information written down.

As I began to walk away I thanked her for the invite. I told her I would call. She asked me to call her soon…we would go for a cup of coffee. Could it be the season? Fa, la, la, la, la and all that? No, that’s December. Hmm, what could be attributed to this magnificent stroke of luck? The giddiness of walking out with a bag displaying the Nordstrom Rack logo? Nooo. This amazing meeting with the clerk at the Rack. Her friendliness beyond any I have experienced. Could she have come from the same training facility that my friend Bonnie (see, Portland) came from?

This is how we roll at Nordstrom Rack. My new shoes tucked under my arm. My new friend, poised for coffee. And the prospect of visiting a place called Boston.








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