A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Last night no joy.

A big rig on the bridge in Rio Vista, CA, was managed by a driver (otherwise known as moron) with poor ability to steer the monster truck. The bridge spans the river that Rio Vista is known for. The river possesses natural beauty, the big rig does not.

Haven’t heard what the probable cause was for the driver’s lack of judgment. Cell phone in his hand? Eating? Looked away from the road for too long? I am sure the highway patrol have the timeline down. I was visited by more than one official at the site on the bridge where the calamity took place. A fireman and a highway patrolman, no, make that two highway patrol. One was a female officer and she offered the most questions and received the most feedback from me.

The “snafu” tied up traffic for more than three hours. Somebody pointed out that the driver directly behind me — who hit my car, may have been a fatality. A total of five cars were involved in the melee. My husband, whom I reached at his workplace and who arrived on the scene an hour after impact made it clear that the particular car behind me was so smashed in such a way as to take on the appearance of an accordion.

I am aware of the fact that car accidents take place every day. Always distressing. Some fatalities. The truck driver will now face the loss of his job, his license, and perhaps his wife, his house and his dog…one can only hope. Truck drivers are plentiful and they need to drive on another planet. They are building roads on Neptune.

Last night no beauty…no joy…no joy.


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