And let’s get this out of the way. White chocolate is a misnomer. It is not chocolate at all. It tastes just like the imposter it is. Nasty.

Okay, so we have milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Baking cocoa to do with what the name implies. Chocolate syrup of various consistencies and quality. And, now the nitty gritty. See’s outranks every other confectionary. Godiva? Too pretentious and expensive. Ghirardelli? Despite the tie to San Francisco, ordinary. We can dismiss Hershey bars as being waxy and tasteless. Those cute little Hershey’s bars that are trotted out at Halloween? I will pass. I used to eat M&Ms because it felt as though I wasn’t indulging — they are so small, what possible harm could come? I will concede there are two chocolate bars I can endorse. Toblerone. It’s Swiss. The best bar next to Cadbury milk. These bars are creamy, and for whatever reason, they do not come off as sickeningly sweet.

Gas station mini marts are laden with sweets of all types. I have yielded to temptation on a couple occasions. Unfortunately, the variety offered at these stop-overs is not the quality I am searching for. No See’s.

But, a sweet coincidence has been discovered. A consignment store that I have located in the city of Davis, CA offers a dual motivation to shop there. Among their vast selection of housewares, games/toys and clothing items* is a welcome surprise. A ¬†variety of boxed and wrapped See’s is available for purchase and proceeds go to mental health organizations.

Mental health and chocolates. Maybe chocolates insure mental health.

*I walked away with a gorgeous, winter-white Calvin Klein sweater dress that will serve as my party outfit for my husband’s birthday in November, a coral skirt and a pair of cute shoes from Spain.

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