The Place To Be

And the place to be from. Santa Monica, CA. All other beach towns pale in comparison. Oh, I am certain there are fantastic beach towns around the globe but this town holds one major distinction, I was born there. We just completed a very brief but very special three-day stay.

I had made reservations for our Spanish-style airbnb bungalow back in January. A residential neighborhood right in the heart of Santa Monica. A few blocks from  popular Montana Sreet replete with shops and restaurants. A shop called Montana Clock Shop still stands occupied by the current watchmaker. The previous owner had been a lifetime friend of our family. He fashioned a beautiful clock out of a piece of wood still hanging in our family room. History.

I researched more history and managed to locate two of the apartments I lived in as a young child. Fond memories are found on the beach itself. I ran across the warm sand and played on a now extinct playground when I was a toddler.

Bliss. Santa Monica State Beach. The famous pier never disappoints. Not only can you take in the panoramic view of the beach, but the pier plays host to a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and a ride that resembles a large octopus. Of course, cotton candy is available. Did you know that famed Route 66 leads to a sign posted on the pier? Beginning in Chicago, the route ends in Santa Monica and the sign declares the end of the line.

This magical place is well worth the side trip if you are anywhere in the Los Angeles area. However, be forewarned that parking can be a bear. We were there on Labor Day weekend. Quite a challenge finding a space. But I chalked it up to the fact that most all holiday visitors wanted in on the action that beautiful Santa Monica offers. Who wouldn’t?!

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