Weight On Me

This is like taking a topic and doing so very c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. Gently. What are you weighting for? Show up to dance class fit, or don’t show up! How’s that for gentle?

As volunteer teacher to a group of students in the high school dance class, I became painfully aware of the disparity among the girls. Out of sixteen, six were too large (politically correct) to be accommodated by the X-large dance outfit. Dance catalogs don’t offer clothing any larger than that. Could the message be that a student larger than X-large is better served in another type activity?* The mandatory outfit was necessary as the class was to perform throughout the year wearing something that unified the individuals in their cohesive group. There was no other way to handle this.  To take on this disagreeable task, I proceeded at my expense (the students had apparently taken on a vow of poverty) to hire a seamstress to tailor their outfits. She completed the task, I paid her, and the students had their outfits. Three of the six thanked me, the others didn’t see their way fit to do that. No good deed shall go unpunished.

It wasn’t in the cards to see me, or the class, endure for many more years. Four was all I could manage before it became clear that this was an exercise in futility. And it wasn’t merely due to the expense this volunteer teacher placed toward making the outfits sized to specifications. But, today we are bombarded with how best to deal with weight issues. And it had better be politically correct. I can’t say much about the general population, but within the smaller population in that high school I held on to  my philosophy.

Show up fit or don’t show up.

*The railroad is looking for stout, hearty workers.

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