Make a piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design.

The task was already done for us. Just over twenty years ago, we set out to find a nice house to buy. This took place in the city of Rio Vista where we had already spent seven years living in someone else’s house, renting. It was time to make a move, literally. I had my sights fixed on a particular side of town. Some neighborhoods resonate and some do not. Ultimately, the side my husband favored left me feeling less than enthusiastic. Streets with uninspired property. Lack of curb appeal.

I have managed an ongoing philosophy in life. Be open minded. Okay, so, armed with that equipment I agreed to look at the house he had discovered. On this particular street were houses in the gray, grayer, and grayest category. No one house looked appealing by virtue of their exterior color. The object of interest for my husband was  white, blue trim. It looked rather small from the street. Upon entering this “tiny” house, I registered complete surprise. The house held 2,400 square feet of living space. Most of it was a testimony to additions built on the original 1948 structure. Remodeling. Amazing. Oh, and there’s a pool. Having grown up in Orange County with pools everywhere, this appeared to be a bonanza.

The total landscaping project completed by previous owners was huge. Grass, shrubs, tulips, and trees (a geriatric apricot tree in one corner of the back yard) cover the property. Two citrus trees were housed in large containers. I have since released them from confinement. I planted the two in a piece of soil where they were destined to thrive. Kind of like people planted where they thrive. Each year we send bags of oranges and lemons to neighbors.

This could not have been a more perfect arrangement. Literally. Repeating myself. I have never considered myself a green thumb. I have killed enough house plants to validate that self-assessment.  I have been transformed in the past twenty years. My property screams  “Look here! This is quite a refreshing site”.  Owing in no small part to genius landscaping on the part of past occupants.

Oh, because white is too close to gray, I had the painters re-invent our house. It now sports a sunny side up shade of yellow.

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