Coffee Evolution

In my youth the coffee pot was passed around among the adults. This is why I always viewed the beverage as hands-off to me. Grown-up stuff. It never occurred to me to help myself to a cup.

When I was 32 I joined my husband on an overnight trip while he attended a conference. The boys and I traveled together. Since I had not discovered the value of coffee up till that time, imagine my surprise as I took my very early morning constitutional through the hotel hallway during the wee hours.

Situated there in the main hall was a coffee cart with all the accoutrements. Smelled wonderful. Clock indicated it was 2:30 a.m. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep, the coffee cup, creamer, sugar, and coffee itself, spoke to me. Lots of sugar and creamer because I was a newbie after all.

Well, that was thirty years ago. Coffee has evolved and so have I. Currently, because it is still summer, I indulge in three servings of ice coffee daily. My doctor will certainly ask me how much caffeine I am taking in…I will answer truthfully and wait for his stern expression.

I so enjoy my coffee laced with Safeway’s house brand, Lucerne Vanilla AlmondMilk. Aside from adding hazelnut ground coffee to the regular, I don’t mess around. No Starbucks for me. No Peet’s.

I will say that an amazing 26 year-old Japanese woman, on homestay with me,     proved to be the navigational/coffee wizard of all time. She and I took to the streets of San Francisco. She had researched two generic coffee houses there in the city. Her goal was for us to stop by these two locations and take pictures. We followed her magical phone directions and arrived at the two caffeine venues. When I asked her why these coffee houses, she simply responded, “The ambience.” And, neither of us ordered coffee.

So, I come full circle. I was introduced at 32. I have gone through different evolutions. Hotel blend. Instant coffee. Folgers. Cappuccino. Espresso (too strong).

Neither of my adult sons, 32 & 36 years of age, drinks coffee. I suppose they are waiting for their hotel cue.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Evolution

  1. Hold on now, little lady! I DO have a cup now and then. I wouldn’t call myself a habitual coffee drinker. In fact, I wouldn’t call myself a habitual anything, but that’s another story…! 😉

    • So, cute! Thank you for reading. The story popped into my head while pouring my third cup of coffee today. My dr. will have a lecture ready no doubt.

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