In Town

Never one to assimilate into small town atmosphere without kicking and screaming, I walked into the local grocery store incognito. For me that means sunglasses on indoors. I would have thrown on a green wig as well, but one, I didn’t have such a wig, and two, I really was invested in the shades serving me through my disguise effectively.

Forget it.

As I made my intentionally-swift arrival through the entrance, an acquaintance stopped me with the question, “Cyndi, is that you?” Busted. Obviously not swift enough to avoid her. Now, I need to point out that I have always considered it the height of bad manners to speak to someone face-to-face while wearing shades. Make eye contact with people. This time I had lifted the ban on wearing shades indoors. Recognition factor is unavoidable in the grocery store located in my charming hamlet, as evidenced by my interaction with acquaintance.

So, my efforts were futile. I had to answer truthfully, “Yes, it’s me”.

“Oh, were you hoping nobody would recognize you?”

Thank you Sherlock.

Once I had accomplished my errands I made a beeline to the nearest costume store. Walked out with a green wig.

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