Queen of Daytime

And after 19 years worth of nominations and continuously being passed over, Susan Lucci won the Emmy for Best Actress in her role as Erica Kane from the soap All My Children.

There, it’s out. I watched the show nearly its entire run. College students were known to sit in the student union and take in each episode. A friend got me hooked on the show shortly after it debuted in 1970. No, I won’t apologize. And throughout the 80s — it would have been completely out of character for a stay-at-home mom not to become an avid soap fan. However, I do want to point out that this 60-minute indulgence was my one guilty pleasure.

I lived vicariously through the character of Erica, and the actress Susan Lucci. Then a funny thing began to evolve. Each year for nearly two decades Susan Lucci was nominated for a daytime Emmy, and lost. Nominated repeatedly without the prize. I think sour grapes would have been completely justified. In the awards ceremony of 1999, something had apparently broken the losing streak. The presenter on stage called out, “The streak is over…Susan Lucci!”

I have noticed Susan’s career since. She had a recurring role on a nighttime semi-soap called Devious Maids in a role very similar to her daytime role. She appears on QVC demonstrating exercise equipment. But, I think the funniest character she has taken on is her parody of herself as a diva on a Progressive Insurance commercial.

Susan/Erica, thanks for all the years of over-the-top pure-escapist fun.

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