They’re Back

The raccoons. On several occasions, over the past six months, we have heard and seen ample evidence to support the fact that our backyard plays home to raccoons. Up to five on one evening. They make strange sounds. I knew it wasn’t the familiar feral cats — six of those mangy felines make the yard their stop-over, but that’s another story. The raccoons are much more interesting. When the quintet appeared it was with some fanfare. I heard their weird chatter and I turned on the patio lights to witness the animated display. The smallest of the group was in the pool. It looked like the two larger members were disciplining the smallest. Eventually, peewee got out of the water. The atmosphere, charged with a lot of high energy just moments before, was reduced to calm.

As for tonight, I spied a solo member of the tribe sitting in a wood patio chair outfitted with a brand new cushion. The interloper made itself at home in the comfy arrangement. That is not to suggest that the raccoons are not welcome, on the contrary, they are nocturnal guests with an open invitation to surprise us and entertain. They never make a mess. They display proper decorum.

Curious animals. They appear to come out of nowhere. We do have a “wall” of ivy running the entire length of one side of our backyard. Do they hide in there throughout the day? Are they burrowing animals?

Mindful of the fact that these creatures may potentially carry rabies (although ours appear healthy) I never venture out while they pay us a visit. From inside the house, I enjoy watching our masked friends accommodate themselves in our yard. They have carte blanche to make future appearances.

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