Pues Yo Llamé A Tu Psiquiatra; Hace Mucho Que No Lo Ves

And I called your psychiatrist; you have not seen him in a while.

A psychiatrist will take his know-how to dispense meds. Multiple meds. One pill to regulate mood swings, and another to offset the effect of the mood regulator because the mood regulator has impacted the thyroid gland which now needs to be regulated. Got that? Then there’s the sleep medication. Without this there would be no sleep. Ever spent days and days in sleep-deprivation mode? A person can be host to all manner of delusion and other signs of compromised sleep patterns and impaired equilibrium.

The dutiful people that we are we march ourselves to the doctor. Well, that is unless you are willing to go off meds and suffer the consequences…plentiful as they are. Lab will take your blood, six vials of it. Results will arrive at your doctor’s office and he will relay the outcome. And perhaps he will adjust your dosage. Up or down. My doctor likes to remind me that one of my meds leads to weight gain. Not if I don’t take it.

This is the reason people see their psychiatrists. Be diligent. Do it. Or not. There are stories of those who self-medicate with various substance abuse. It seems there are those who think they are under control. False control.

Y voy a llamar a mi psiquiatra en un ratito.

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