The Mightier Pen

I think the proverbial pen is mightier than the sword. I don’t care for violence, real or imagined. I have never been able to brag about my physical strength…I don’t have it. Brauny types always impress me. Muscle beach in Venice CA. Jack LaLanne. Iconic symbols of braun.

Unfortunately, if I had predestined myself to coming from physical strength I would not have come from my bio-family as they proved what it is to be passed over for such a thing. No athletes in my family. However, words seemed to come fairly easily from within the unit. Wordsmiths do exist there.

Writing is cathartic and it remains my favorite method of communication. Phones are a bother. Bad connections & missed calls. Back in letter-writing days, stationary, cards, envelopes, stamps and pens were the means by which I sent news, birthday & baby congratulations, asked for advice, and made pen-pal friends. Technology has robbed us, in a way. So infrequently does someone write letters. One does not write an email, one composes it. To write is to suggest effort. To email is to suggest immediate gratification. I don’t argue against email, I do it, but it doesn’t take place on gorgeous stationary placed in a matching envelope. I still have remnants.

I can keep running a journal, otherwise known as a blog. I take a peek at the blog posts of others. There is nothing mightier than leveling an adversary or conveying appreciation to someone by using the written word. And I concede, a word is better than no word.

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