do so many, apparently oblivious drivers, park their cars so poorly?

Some years back, when the Mini Cooper (pre hit-and-run) I was driving sat comfortably in its super market parking lot space, someone (kin to moron) parked their ginormous pick up truck with 7 inches (I carry a tape measure) between the front grill of the truck and the back of my car. Now, everybody knows how tiny a Cooper is. But, not so tiny that Mr. Pick Up was justified in leaving me only 7 inches to navigate my four bags of groceries into the back. So, after I shimmied my bags into the car, I left a note under his wiper blade. No foul language, just a mild reprimand in my best passive aggressive style.

A couple years ago, a short, round lady came waddling out of Starbucks. Prior to that, my morning lab tests, so I had arrived and parked my car in a space adjacent to lots and lots of other spaces. In other words, I was the sole occupant among dozens and dozens of empty spaces. All the aisles of spaces were vacant. Emerging from my brief stop-over to Barnes & Noble, I saw that Ms. Short-Round had parked far too close to my car. And, double-ugly, she had crossed over the white lines at an angle. I shook my head repeatedly as she approached. Arriving at our two cars I had to explain to her that she parked too close to my car preventing me from entering through the driver’s side.  Not until she had driven off could I enter my car.

And, sadly, it doesn’t end there. Just tonight we went out to eat. My husband was driving and I spied two spaces, away from all the other cars, and I made sure he parked there. Argh! Forty-five minutes later, we’ve finished dinner only to discover that the “Explorer” camped next to us left zero room for us to open the passenger door. Explore this. When you park your vehicle, be considerate. Leave ample room.

When I suspect that I have maneuvered into a space and my car tires are encroaching on the white lines, I re-park until I am straight. Takes a minute or two.

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