Wen, by Chaz Dean

Many years ago I met a black woman who was on the same promotions team I was on. She wore her hair in corn rows. Curiosity compelled me to approach her and ask how she washed her hair. I didn’t expect this. “I wash my hair with conditioner.” What? “You wash your hair with conditioner?” “Yes. Shampoo is bad for your hair. It dries up your hair.” Tell me again how this works?

This woman went on to explain that surfactants in traditional shampoo serve to damage your hair. This sounded very strange to me. I had never heard such a thing. It seems that surfactants are not only responsible for damaging your hair, they are responsible for all the lather that comes from washing hair with the traditional method. Wen products do not produce lather. It does take an open mind. We have grown up with sudsy shampoo. No more. Not if you want the best for your hair. I do.

This exchange occurred some eleven years ago. Alternatives to regular shampoo had never come up. Until eleven years ago. Not too long after my conversation with her, I was exposed — by virtue of a T.V. infomercial, which I typically ignore — to the concept of washing one’s hair with a cleansing conditioner. Wen, was on T.V. Chaz Dean is the hair stylist, developer/inventor of a line of products promoting healthy hair. I know you can not believe everything you hear. You actually have to try it to believe.

I am a believer. For nearly twelve years I have consistently ordered a customized kit from Wen.  There are knock-offs to his product line, but I stick with Wen. My hair is 62 years old and it will, of course, continue to age over time, and I have to treat it royally if I still want hair on my head over the course of the next twelve years…and, beyond. I highly endorse Wen. My hair is in better shape now than it was pre-Wen. Wen is a gem.


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