Pick A Car, Any Car

If you are traveling through the downtown area of Walnut Creek, CA, as I do once a week, you will no doubt become familiar with the array of automobile dealerships bearing exotic names. Just ahead of me is Lamborghini which sits beside Maserati not to be outdone by Alfa Romeo a few doors down. Further down the street I drive I see Jaguar. What is the message? This suburb in the Bay Area oozes wealth (see, Meters).  Too, it could be that once someone invests in one of these cars, their wealth is drained. I don’t know, this assumed wealth has never existed in my experience.

I do play with the idea that, on one trip to Walnut Creek, I will pull into the Lamborghini (rhymes with linguini) lot (do they even call them “lots”) or perhaps Alfa Romeo — can’t go wrong with Italians, love their spaghetti (spaghetti originated in China — but China doesn’t produce any cool cars). And I will see to a test drive. Just so long as Bubba (see, 5 Hits) doesn’t appear in my rear-view mirror.

Yep. There are plenty of opportunities to throw $$$$ at any of the cars you find being offered in downtown Walnut Creek. A plethora of pricey wheels.

My VW. It doesn’t scream wealth. But, at least my payments are not in the stratosphere.

A Lamborghini can start at around $200,000.00. 

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