Items my husband has received free-of-charge using points in the local grocery store:

1. Laundry detergent

2. Milk

3. Eggs

4. Bar-B-Cued ribs

5. Toilet paper

6. Flour

7. Sugar

8. As docent to Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum, my garage parking validation.

9. Jack-In-The-Box. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, 2 tacos.

10. Sukothai. Comped meal, including Thai tea & mango-sticky rice. Multiple visits!

11. Sephora. One facial cleanser & facial serum in honor of my birthday each year.

12. Baskin-Robbins. One scoop ice cream to celebrate a birthday. Daiquiri ice. Yum!

13. See’s. A sample piece of candy, anytime of year. Indulge!

14. 5-Star Car Wash. Buy three washes, at reduced price, get fourth free.

15. Infinity. Five free movies of our choice.

16. Library card. DVDs; books; magazines; use of computers; presentations.

This is what I know based on my experience. I am sure that my memory fails me and some items and services go without mention.

The concept that the best things in life are free is not lost on any of us, it just had to take on a new twist. This sampling represents necessities, pleasures and some bona fide privileges always appreciated and never taken for granted!



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