JCPenney. What’s Up?

A flagship store found across the country in malls almost everywhere. There is one down the road over that way. I have to say I have maintained my loyalty to the store, previously in Southern California, since the 1970s. But, the irritant factor involved in shopping there has begun to escalate. As an aside, the news is that Sears will be entirely phased out in the coming ten years. Too much competition from online shoppers. JCPenney will join the dinosaurs on the heels of Sears’ demise. See, A Mall…A Town.

A bad sign. More than one. Things are definitely changing in a not-so-shopper-friendly sort of way. Our nearest JCPenney store has been neatly tucked into its anchor spot since 1981. In recent years the store did away with its customer service desk — so, now it’s “customer no service”. The employee who served that desk hasn’t been seen since. After years and years the lingerie department is void of any clerk, after all why a clerk when the department has no means of offering transactions? The counter is gone. However, you can walk to the opposite corner, in another department, and make purchases. In keeping with the general depreciation, I discovered yet another chink in the armor. Remember the quaint notion of getting your feet sized for shoes? No more. You are on your own. The counter in this department has partnered with the one from lingerie.

And these things are just among the visible components of decline. Haven’t a clue as to managerial think tank machinations. There is a Sears and a Macy’s in this same venue. Their days are numbered.

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