“Let’s Talk About Punctuality”

These were the opening words of our new-hire trainer at, wouldn’t you know it, our new-hire training meeting. She continued, “If you are early, you’re on time. If you are on time, you are late. And if you are late, you are out of a job.”

Message received.

I possess a high level of punctual energy. Not a boast. Statement of fact. Tardy behavior in me is consistently met with high stress level as I navigate any circumstance that conspires against me. Bogged down freeway traffic and nasty weather are the top two formidable foes. Barring circumstances out of my control, I make my entrance to doctor’s & dentist’s appointments seldom under 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Workplace staff understand that I have to get to my station a full thirty minutes before class begins.

Oh, the beauty of punctuality. So beautiful in fact that a local storefront once displayed a poster on its window. “The trouble with arriving on time is there is no one to appreciate it.”

Never be late. When you are late your message is that your time is more important than the rest.

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