9 Weeks

A completed dance routine in nine weeks. That is, a class that met for one Friday each of those nine weeks. Students arrived to invest one hour of their day on a one-day per week schedule designed to support the interest of adults in a recreational tap dance program.

My journey in dance has seen classes that severely tested the resolve of dancers. And my restless nature has been severely tested as I plodded through class structure so loosely knit that it took a full nine months to arrive at the only routine ready for our performance venue. One single dance number. Nine months! Nine months can seem excruciatingly slow. The piece of music whose routine my enthusiastic adult tap class completed in nine weeks was just under three-and-a-half minutes. By my standards, and those of my best tap teachers, that is a very ambitious outcome for beginner students.

I make it a practice to tell all my dance students that a prospective performance is the eventual goal. Whether the performance comes to fruition or not is not important in the grand scheme of things. The students arrive. They arrive with conviction. They will each learn the routine in a timely manner. Nine weeks.

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