A Full Tank

A full tank of gas. It gets me where I want to go. And I go.

Everything in my life is measured by time. A one way trek to my workplace results in an investment of seventy minutes spent maneuvering through manageable afternoon traffic. In the evening…not so much. So, that prized full tank of gas will net three round-trips to the San Francisco Bay Area and a side trip to visit my son’s family in Sacramento.

In 2008 gas hit the highest one-day price of $4.11/gallon during the month of July. Taking a page from Alfred E. Neuman — What, Me Worry? I didn’t want to psych myself out of the business I was conducting. I wanted nothing to do with the Middle East, economics of big oil or the little guy as consumer. Conducting my studies in my last semester of college work had to go uninterrupted. Pull up to the gas-pump; select grade; pump fuel; pay exorbitant $$$…keep going without question. Repeat in a few days.

Freedom comes with a price. A tank full of gas represents freedom to travel and explore every corner of the county, as well as the next one over. Limitations are challenged and even reversed. I have not seen a return of the $4.11/gallon.
Never mind. Nothing less than a full tank will do.

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