For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction

Driving the 101 with the eventual goal of arriving in Santa Cruz. Love the beach atmosphere. High expectations of enjoying the beach boardwalk.

Did you know that double white lines separating the HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) Lane mean a driver can not drive over the lines? Well, of course you did. I didn’t get the memo. Oblivious to this traffic law, I passed over the lines while my husband pointed out that if I had just driven a little further, I could exit the lane via the opening provided at equidistant intervals, none of which I saw. Ignorance is truly bliss. But, the bliss is canceled out with a price tag.

The highway patrol involves itself in stealth maneuvers. There he was coming up behind me…and then alongside me…finally, pulled me over. He was the quiet type. Almost completely mute. Mutes bother me. He spoke just enough to point out that I had made a violation crossing over the lines.

“The signs are clearly posted. You can not cross over the lines,” he stated. What a stickler he was.

The paperwork arrived in the mail some days later. The fine for crossing over those silly, painted lines was $525.00!!

Newton’s Law and posted signs.

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