Arthur Duncan

The consummate tap dancer. Two of my tap students and I had the privilege of meeting and dancing with Mr. Duncan in San Francisco a few years ago. In case you are not acquainted with the talented hoofer, Arthur was featured on the Lawrence Welk Show for a number of years. How do I know this with certainty? My Nana was an avid fan of the show in the 60s and by association I became a fan when I spent the night in her home.

One evening I drove a husband and wife team of dancers to the venue in San Francisco in which Arthur was to appear. I knew nothing about what to expect accept that he would be there. The place held fifty seats and all of them occupied by guests. Arthur gave details regarding his career in show business. Two hours of personal storytelling and his signature tap style to round out the evening. And then the moment we anticipated. The guests were all invited to join him on stage. No one remained in their seats. Arthur led us in amazing fun. We danced — some without tap shoes — but that didn’t matter as we moved to shuffles, cramp rolls and flaps.

May 25 is National Tap Dance Day. Do it!


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