I found myself occupying space in a college Women’s Studies class. I enjoyed the atmosphere and I worked hard to provide the professor with some of my finest papers as it was a Writing Intensive course required for my major.

On one particular occasion the entire class was witness to Dr. Schoenlein in a moment of vulnerable release. She was informing the class of the environment in a WWII concentration camp that historical accounting gave credence to. Of course, the professor was not there at the camp, she was only 2 years old at the time living comfortably with her parents, but her story was compelling. It is necessary to point out that she is German. A few minutes into her dialogue she fell silent. Tears ensued. The room took on the dead silence generated by all the respectfully quiet students. She regained her composure. The last thing she said at that moment was, “I am sorry.”

My sense was that she was not apologizing merely because she cried in front of the entire class. She cried for millions.

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