This word graces the whiteboard in one of my classrooms. Spanish classroom. It means “calm”, as it applies to people or things, like the ocean…or, me. It is up in its place on the board because rarely are the young students representative of calm. I need a certain calm to give the lesson. But, I’ll concede it is up there for me as well.

While a student in a college level Spanish conversational class, I thought it strange that the young, likable professor, would enter class space and say “Tranquila Cyndi.” She offered this to no other student. What the …?!? How did she know I needed any entreaty to be calm? How did she do that? Impressive and mysterious.

There is a palpable energy given off by people in general. A bit unnerving…her little stunt. Uncanny. I had better do inventory. She was wayyy too close to the truth. She looked right through me and saw the intent and inherent spirit within. A bit restless but every bit sincere. I so enjoyed my romp in her class. The psychic professor of Spanish, and I. Tranquila, Cyndi.

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