3-Days Worth

The number of newspapers I am willing to devote time to. We have a subscription to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday editions of a familiar newspaper. We would subscribe to the local version but after we turn the pages twice, we run out of paper. So, the Fairfield Daily Republic holds some mystique. Perhaps because it is out-of-town. Exotic piece of news heralding all the newsworthy stories in and around Solano County. I once subscribed to 6 magazines. I did devote time to every page.  They accumulated throughout the house and I ultimately chose to whittle it all down to one, and then none. I ended my magazine spree. So, newspapers it is. I realize this makes our household something of a den for  archaic reading material. But, I just feel smart when I read a newspaper…smeary, inky pages and all. I also read a substantial number of articles online. Just not quite the same. No ink.

We have no intention of doing away with the subscription. When the papers are scattered on the family room floor, the place resembles a learned person’s home, by my definition. And, I don’t use the newspapers to line my parakeets cages. I was told the ink isn’t good for the birds’ feet. I hold a newspaper clippings collection that dates back to the 1970s not because I am particularly sentimental, rather, on the hunch that the Smithsonian will open a new “Cyndi Wright Wing Of Antiquities” exhibiting the relic smeary, inky pages.

We sit ready for next week’s installment.

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