The Happiest Place On Earth

It’s nearly summer and where do our thoughts naturally go? Disneyland. Living In Orange County, CA meant that Disneyland was practically in my backyard. Friends and I and later co-workers of mine enjoyed the diversion. My husband and my children made the park a necessary stop-over during the years we lived out of state. Fun. For the most part.

However, $12 hotdogs and very long lines, made the entire experience less endearing to me in particular. If we were lucky enough we might board four rides in the afternoon.  Staying till closing time we could count on seeing fireworks displayed and that was pretty impressive. Okay, now I have seen fireworks in various venues and they no longer hold much novelty appeal.  Been there, done that.

Life is not a day in Disneyland. Rarely does anything in life mirror the tag line, The Happiest Place On Earth. I suppose that’s why one would have to be there…to become happy…for at least a day. And even while visiting the park, well, a $12 hotdog serves to dampen enthusiasm.

Life is not a day in Disneyland. Life is full of toil. Actually, maybe that is Disneyland-like. One can walk among the crowds. I have a friend who lives in Orange County and has raised two boys there. She informed me that her kids never warmed up to Disneyland owing to the fact that the crowds and noise were off-putting. Apparently it is not universally held that happiness exists here. If you do join the throngs of visitors you will invest some time standing in a long line, pay $130 for the privilege of saying hello to Mickey & Minnie Mouse and sing along with It’s A Small World After All. That package is bound to make you happy. Or, wish you had gone to the beach instead (see, Santa Monica).

3 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On Earth

    • Hell no! Toil in an amusement park? You know me, frugal and anti-line. But, I am glad the boys got to enjoy it as children. Now Lance can take Ewan and enjoy the pleasure of a 1 1/2 Hr long wait, in the sweltering July heat, for a 1 minute 30 second ride! Santa Monica, here we come!

  1. Disneyland is so much fun but, admittedly, a better experience when you buy a season pass. It allows you to come and go as often as you please (given blackout days) and takes the pressure off of feeling like you have to cram everything into one visit.

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