This happened to me last night.  I was to return home from Portland where I had been visiting my mom for Easter.  I bungled.  I missed my flight. I approached the Alaska Airlines counter and informed the person there under the sign “Assistance” (and, boy, did I need it) that the kiosk for boarding passes did not show my flight.  There must have been something wrong with their kiosk.

“Ma’m, see right here, your flight left 40 minutes ago.” Arrrgh! Okay, now what?  I was offered a re-route to San Jose.  My husband was already at the Sac Metro airport terminal. Well, guess what?  You get to drive all the way to San Jose, because that’s where I am! I ultimately spoke to him via paging and use of the little white phone because he had left his cell phone at home.

Because the Alaska assistance agent took pity on me, he waived the $125.00 fee for re-route.

A wonderfully refreshing exchange took place between me and my seat-mate on the plane. After he was finished doing whatever it is people do on their phones, he put his phone away and launched into conversation with me. Amit is 36 years old and hails from India.  He spoke of life in New Delhi.  His parents remain living there. He has a sister in New York and a girlfriend in Portland.  He is in finance for an IT company and he goes back and forth between Portland and the Bay Area weekly. He learned of my jobs in the Bay Area, my two sons, and the fact that I teach Spanish to a largely Indian population.

Amit and I had established a connection.  How many people flying these days can that be said about?

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