Gull-wing doors and fiberglass body structure.  That’s all I know about this iconic car. I am not a car person.  I need a car to get me around but, beyond that, what else do I need to know?

Some years back I was attending an out-of-town CPR/first-aid class as part of my job requirement.  There were nine people in the group.  One of them was a young man who pulled into his parking space in (presumably) his car, a DeLorean.  It may have been more common, if the word “common” can be applied to this car, to see the DeLorean on the streets back in the 80s.  This was 2003. The class instructor could see the young man arriving late for class through the large glass windows.  Mr. Instructor had to stop mid-sentence as the young man made his delayed arrival  — because why would a person driving such a car arrive early? Nothing less than a grand entrance would do. We were all captivated. The car door swung up and out stepped the driver.

What a fun little departure from Resusci Annie and gauze bandages.  What a car.

2 thoughts on “DeLorean

  1. The Delorean has always been a dream car. I don’t care that they are expensive and rarely made, I gotta have one!!

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