You Are Either With Me, Or Against Me, Or In My Way

You know I have a long commute ahead of me.  In a bygone era, the attendant pumped the gas, cleaned the windshield and checked the oil. You know that I lament the fact that these services are gone. I dislike doing any of those three tasks. You take my car and fill it, only after you have washed it. You are with me.

You volunteer, on numerous occasions, to pass out the pencils and crayons, and collect them when we are all done with the lesson. You are with me.

You do not chew gum or suck on candy while dancing in dance class because it’s against the rules and you know that it’s much better to stay on good terms with your dance teacher.  Especially if you look forward to being considered for a solo.  You are with me.

You cook dinner every evening without fail because you know I don’t do kitchen duty, and you know this is met with gratitude from me. You are with me.

You tailgate me on the freeway.  You nearly hit my car in the process of cutting me off. You are against me.

You are standing in front of me at the mini-mart check out. You are purchasing two Lotto tickets, a six-pack, and a carton of cigarettes. I am poised to pay (with cash) for the gas I need to get me to work….on time. Your transaction takes six minutes because something went wrong with your chip card (see, Chip Chip Hooray!). Never mind that cigarettes are bad for you, beer is questionable, and, good luck with the Lotto.  You are in my way.

You arrive for a three-day visit.  We enjoy conversation & watching Argo. When you get back on the road to return to your place, I have already left for work.  Unbeknownst to me, you make the effort to get over to the local florist, pick up a bouquet of sunflowers — my favorite — and leave them waiting for me in the dining room. You are with me.

You are either with me, or against me, or in my way. Your choice.

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