You Can Leave Now

I have been nursing a cold for the past week. I believe it is a direct reflection of that little girl’s irresponsible parents.  Almost two weeks ago, a six-year old in my Spanish class began to sneeze.  She stopped sneezing just short of her sixteenth effort.  That’s fifteen sneezes I remember counting. I cut her off at the pass. But I let her go too long. Her nose began to run and in keeping with good hygiene measures, she used her sweater sleeve to mop it up.  God forbid should her parents supply her with tissues.  I mean, if you are going to take your child (against all sensible, parental judgment) to school so she can occupy space with 19 others – 20 counting Sra. Wright – who will now be subjected to the sneeze spray, include tissues for your child’s comfort. No, better yet, don’t take them to school. Request a sick day of your own, and stay home with the sick child.

I take it as deliberate and wanton disregard for others that a parent sends their sick kid to school. So wrong. I was sick three weeks in December, thank you very much, and now this. So, upon the fifteenth insult, I turned to the six-year old purveyor of all things unwelcome and said,”You can leave now.” She got right up out of her chair, packed her journal under her arm — the one sans snotty sleeve — and walked out of the classroom.

Come back only when you are welcome. Sneezing does not constitute a welcome.



4 thoughts on “You Can Leave Now

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  2. We must be psychically linked. I had a sniffling, sniveling 1st grade vector cross my path last week in class having left me with a bug to contend with, too! I’m only now finally over it. Still stuffed up, though.

  3. There you go–as a teacher, you are always around sick students–because their parents work and they need the child to be in school–but you are right.

    • Well, I am not over the hump. As a former young student of mine used to say, “Daaaammmit” Now I will miss yet another day of work. Next week the Japanese student arrives. Germs verboten. (I think that’s how it’s spelled)

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