Chip Chip Hooray!

“A chip card adds an additional layer of sophisticated fraud protection….” So says Google.

Last night I had the occasion to use my new little treasure while at Safeway. You don’t swipe such a card. Rather, this chip card is inserted in a slot on the machinery that use the new little treasures pre-ordained. I messed up initially so the clerk (and the customer behind me) provided me with a tutorial. It’s 6:30 and I just got off work…exhausted. The interaction prompted a, “I thought this was supposed to be speedy…” from me.

“Oh, no,” the store clerk chimed in,  “these cards take longer and I hate them.”

Well, that’s good enough endorsement for me.  #@!!% technology.

Ca$h. Remember that hot commodity? We used to carry bills of various denominations right there in our wallets, purses or pockets. Dollar bills may have gone the way of the dinosaur for the rest of humanity, but I am stocking up. Fraud protection for currency? Not a concern. Chip chip, no way.

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