The Art Of Swearing

And I am going to dispense with use of asterisks, as in s***.  Too damn (getting primed) cutesy and over-used.  That’s about the extent of it for me. I did laugh at the use of “fuq” in somebody’s blog. Clever. I grew up in a home where expletives created the prevailing ambience. If I so much as uttered the word “ass” I ran the risk of rebuke. Hmm…

I can’t swear. I mean, yes I have the mechanics down. Just not in front of the little ones. I squelch it. I work teaching Spanish to small children. Expletives not allowed.  So, when that kid knocked over the cup of water (that he should not have had in class) drenching the papers that comprised the entire hour’s lesson, I didn’t say “shit”, I said **mierda** — the direct translation.  After all, it’s befitting a Spanish class. These young children don’t know this vocabulary term. We play pretend games in class. I pretend I don’t use swear words. That’s a separate lesson…for high school level students…who already have quite a complete repertoire…in multiple languages.

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