I am not Inuit.  I am not a winter person.  I have not been a winter person since I began living in places that have winter.  I am from Orange County.  Winter does not descend upon Orange County, California.  The avocado trees won’t have it.  We don’t want avocado trees with failure to thrive.  Potential guacamole can not be compromised.

So, I have found myself in climate that is not conducive to my thrive potential.  Since 1980 to be precise.  We once lived in a tiny shoebox house that offered a floor furnace with inadequate heating.  This was in the mid-region of the country where winter came in with a vengeance.  I would wear my California flip flops that had rubber under soles. As I stood on the heater grate, my rubber soles would become seared with the design of the grate and I could smell rubber burning.  Relief from the cold was almost impossible to achieve.  Hello July.

I am definitely not Inuit.  I do not envy them, but I am impressed at their hardiness.  I have watched documentaries enough to know how they have acclimated to their surroundings, and sub-zero environment, eating whale and seal blubber to stay warm.  I’ll pass.

Summer is not too far off by the time the first day of Spring has arrived.  The month of March is a reprieve to winter nastiness.  And, serves as the clarion call for summer.  I am always amazed at how every year offers the same seasons in the same order..I needn’t worry.  My time will come.  April will eventually lead to June, via May, and my memories of winter will dim.

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