2015 Jetta

The car in my carport is my “new” set of wheels.  After the inconsiderate behavior of the hit and run driver who hastened retirement of my beloved Mini Cooper, I invested in a black 2002 Audi.  Big mistake.  The Audi came completely equipped…with every conceivable anomaly.  Anomalies that became expensive.  Too expensive.

Now, my husband likes to remind me that, “You don’t check anything, do you?”  “You just get in, turn the key, and go!”  Yep.  Pretty much.  I am too busy tap dancing to concern myself with fluid levels.  So, as I made my way to work, and not much more than 2 miles from home, the bells, sirens, and lights on my dash indicated just how perilously close I was to major Audi meltdown.  Turned around and made it back home.  I was so upset because the student I was going to work with was still an hour’s drive away.   Cancel that.  My husband just looked at me shaking his head.  I said, “Need a car!”

He arranged for me to take a look at a few vehicles at an Enterprise sales lot.  I chose the Jetta.  Manageable size.  Not too crazy about the color (hospital white) but who was I to think I could afford to be picky.  Aside from the lack of sunroof — I am at the beach — it has everything.  Most notably, heated seats.  Ahhh.  I am not a winter person, so, this feature was the deal maker.  The sales guy said that CD players are not universal any longer, that this car has one is the exception these days.  Gotta have it as I need music to choreograph by while I drive.

So the color is not my first love but I love my little VW.  It had 29,000 miles when I bought it.  It will have 29,000 additional miles by the end of this year.  I’m certain.

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