Climate Control

san-diego-2013-036We have it.  Right here.  Here in California as opposed to there in Minnesota where they have been shoveling snow since September. They are not in control.  We are in control. The only explanation that fits.  Why would we want to shovel snow when we can go to the beach instead?  Granted, the Pacific Ocean offers up some bone-chilling water.  But at least we don’t have to shovel it.  Do you know what the folks in frigid, snowy climates do for seven months out of the year?  Why, they go nuckin futs trying to reason why they didn’t join the migration west! You know, the blessed west coast (I suppose I am tempting fate, inviting the next big earthquake) where avocado trees and strawberry fields are in abundance.  Do you see strawberry stands and guacamole being served up in Minnesota?  Of course not!  It’s May and the fine Minnesotans are STILL shoveling snow.

So, yes, we here in the land of golden sunshine know the drill.  We can be found eating nachos from the surf shack while walking in the warm sand.  We are in control of our climate.

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