Frog On A Stump

dscn1448For the majority of our time spent in our current home (20 years this December) we enjoyed the landscape of our backyard and we took in all the greenery, the garden-like look, even in spite of the pool having dominated center space.  The previous owners had done an excellent job of choosing the right plants and even trees.  Except for one thing, the potted pine tree.  One spring I grew tired of seeing the poor pine relegated to its container offering only a tiny confined place for the pine to grow and flourish.  Well, it’s not going to flourish if I don’t do something about it, so, I took to releasing it of its confinement.  I transplanted the pine to a bare corner. The pine was 3  feet tall.

Fast forward, the pine had become a H-U-G-E sequoia.  Okay, maybe not a sequoia, but close enough.  I loved it.  The size, the joy of the beauty it provided.  It even served a purpose in planning the backyard wedding of my son and his bride.  The branches became the perfect perch for 40 tea light candles.  Excellent.  That was three years ago.  Since I determined that the pine had lived out its usefulness,  I was ready to have it brought down.  I knew it was going to be a sad day.  I did have mixed feelings.  But, I had made the appointment with our local tree guy, in my mind, no turning back. In late September, the pine was no more.  The tree guy did not take it completely out of the ground, so where there once was a mighty sequoia — sort of — now a small stump  serves as the vestige of what once was.  I had to dress up the space by placing a ceramic planter on the stump.  Where a tree existed in all its glory, a frog now has dominion.

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