Specifically the two in our backyard.  They emit a strange sound that can not be confused for a dog or a cat.  It was quite late, maybe 11:00 at night.  I heard something like a call.  There are feral cats that like to inhabit space in our yard.  I thought it might be them.  But the sound was too mysterious, too foreign.  I turned on the lights that cast illumination in various directions over the patio and pool area, and there they were.  These visitors had decided to enjoy a stroll on our property in keeping with their nocturnal habits.  I was convinced that the sound I had been hearing was a distress call because when I looked out in the direction of the pool the bigger raccoon was at poolside making noise and a smaller raccoon was in the water.  A few seconds passed and junior climbed out.  Senior raccoon turned to look back at the source of my command.  I yelled at them to leave.

But, next time I will be prepared with my camera.  Since that initial night-time activity, we have found mysterious mounds of leaves and dirt.  Two of them in separate places of the backyard.  Plus, we discovered patches of dark fur on the patio.  Raccoon fur, we are certain.  We disturbed the mounds of debris enough to determine whether the activity is repeated the next time we survey our yard.

I realize that raccoons can carry rabies.  We don’t intend to rush them if we spot them.  They are just so welcome.  Over those nasty feral cats that have taken up residence in our yard, the curious raccoons are welcome any time.

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