image.jpeg…to Rio Vista.  Not familiar?  Think lots of nothing for miles and miles.  In 1991 – being new to the area and clueless as to decorum —  I went with a short (complaint) piece over to the local newspaper editor at that time.  I think it was a comment for the editorial section.  I always seem to have comments.  Solicited or not.  So, he (in 26 years the paper has gone through umpteen editors, male and female) took a quick look at my prose and turned to me, with a smile on his face, “Hey, you can write.”  “How would you like a place on my staff here?”  A single, solitary moment of exhilaration swept through me.  But, solitary it was.  As much as it may have interested me to engage in something fun and academic, I had to beg off.  I was new in town…sorely lacking in proper broadcasting technique, but brimming forth with unharnessed creative energy.  Sadly, I had to tell the editor I just wasn’t ready.  Next thing I know, he was off.  On to a bigger audience in a bigger town.  Usher in a new editor.  No complaint letters to carry to his office.  I will lay low.

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