Cha Cha, Merengue, Mambo.  Just a sampling of the dance styles that can be found in a typical Zumba class.  Latin steps invite you to dance with abandon.

I recall the early days of exposure to Jazzercise classes and I felt like I had found my niche.  Such infectious, upbeat music and I was confident in the routines.  No inhibitions. Everything about the structure of it spoke to me.  Warm-ups, intense dance movement, and the cool-down.  I made friends with some of the others and the beauty of it all is that when I walked into the room, I was instantly in the company of 15, or 20, or 25 ladies sharing this one activity in common.  Camaraderie.  So, I guess it just takes the right combination of factors (I got out of the house; I needed the exercise; great music; community atmosphere) and I’m there.  Fast forward to the present with a new upstart in the gyms & studios.  Curious by nature (partly motivated by the stubborn 5 lbs. that the scales reminded me of) I paid the fee and attended a Zumba basic training.  Eight hours later — and quite a renewed appreciation for effective deodorant — I emerged from the studio where the training had taken place.  Our certificates proclaiming the successful completion of routines and philosophy behind Zumba would be made available the following day.  Our instructor spoke of having arrived at her 50th birthday.  She looked 21.  The magic of Zumba.  One Two Cha Cha Cha.DSCN1368

3 thoughts on “Zumba

  1. Much as I enjoy Latin music and moves, I am putting this on hold. Zumba is a business, after all, and my certificate remains for only a year, then re-training, $$’ etc.

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