Mony Mony

imageTommy James And The Shondells did it.  Billy Idol did it.  And I did it.  While I may not share credentials with the two artists mentioned, I did dance to their shared hit, Mony Mony.  You want to move, right?  Play the song.  You would have to be comatose not to get up and move (euphemism for dance) to this wildly infectious, seriously upbeat song.

So, how’s this for movement?  Walking toward the building on the CSU, Sacramento campus that housed my evening statistics class, I muttered to myself, “Why is this such a dull campus?”  But wait. What’s this?  A rumbling of unrecognizable origin.  The sound was emanating from the eaterie from where I was known to purchase cups of coffee.  Following  the beacon, I was surprised to discover a university professor doubling as Dee-jay.  Not one soul was up and dancing.  Not enough liquor, I guess.  Well, I don’t even drink.  And I need no more motivation than what a good piece of music offers.  With conviction I approached the music maker and put in a request. “Please play Mony Mony — no preference to the artist.”

So, my request was granted.  What?!  Maybe this place isn’t so dull after all!  I exhibited my dance skills, there for all the dining students (and staff) to witness.  But, enough already, I was the only one enjoying myself on the dance floor.  I scanned the other students seated at their tables and laid eyes on a young man whose eyes met mine.  I also included a table of four women in my invitation.  Only one was convinced she needed to move, so, the guy and young lady shared center floor with me while the professor let our motivational force guide us through our dance moves.  That evening served to re-invent my mindset regarding the seemingly dull appearance of our college campus.  I owe it all to Tommy James And The Shondells…or maybe, Billy Idol.







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