Santa Cruz 2011 008The sidewalk variety found in a number of tourist destinations.  This was specifically in Santa Cruz.  Right there on the boardwalk, one of the sketch artists who duplicates your likeness to the nth degree.  Sort of.  Check it out.  I have always wondered where such an artist is trained.  So, I asked my artist.  His response was, “On the job.”  He continued to tell me that most sidewalk sketch artists are self-taught.  Hmm. Impressive.  Never mind that I had to make an effort to find any resemblance to me.  I think there must be some template used for all types, and the artist goes from there to sketch tap shoes and a cane in order to tailor the drawing to suit specifications.

In spite of the resemblance, or lack thereof, the drawing, signed by Wing, is hanging over my desk.  A reminder of the 45 minutes of labor and artistic expression necessary to produce an original work of art.

I did ask him for big hair.  He complied.

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