Tiny Things

image.jpegAre cute…tiny things are cute.  Puppies, kittens, hamsters, and Mini Coopers.  I was able to order a Mini Cooper to my specifications and purchase it back in 2004.  Liquid Yellow was the color of choice, complete with the polar opposite roof color, black.  I sat back and counted the months until I could take possession.  Nine months, kinda like awaiting a pregnancy to go to term.  This was my baby, this sweet little ride.

Now, remember that saying that goes “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”.  I don’t know about mice, but I do understand the awry part.  Driving home on the freeway one evening I was struck left-rear by a driver who apparently was in a hurry and unaccustomed with proper decorum.  My car went spinning across three lanes, and the other driver, presumably unaware that the appointment he was late for had contributed to his poor judgment, left the scene.  On my part, I was driving somewhere in the 70-75 mph range.  Obviously, I was traveling way to slow, so the other driver had to make a point and decided that his 80 mph compensated for my sluggish pace.  So, out of his way I went.  Over to the shoulder of the freeway where my death grip on the steering wheel relaxed and my cute, tiny car was no more.

I sold the car (we did not carry collision on a 10 yr old, 229,000 mile cute, tiny thing) to the body shop and bid farewell to the most fun, easy to maneuver, sweet little ride.  Tiny things are way cuter than not tiny things.

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