imageCandies.  A pound of See’s chocolates decorated the dining table in the home I grew up in.  Only on an occasional basis.  But boy, what a fantastic exception.  Pastel colored bon bons (I pass, too sweet), cherry cordials, double caramel, dark nougat, and my first love, molasses chips enrobed in dark chocolate.  The See’s suckers are complete with novelty appeal.  In Latte, chocolate flavor, and root beer, to name a few.  In the store you can make use of a nice departure from real cigars (who needs that nastiness?) and purchase the Seegars made entirely of milk chocolate.  This is what was passed around my daughter-in-law’s hospital room after the birth of her son…and they come in pink or blue wrappers.  Too cute!

I belong to a Marsh Mint club.  This delicacy is only trotted out by online order.  It is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day as it is dark chocolate covered marshmallow with a green mint jelly inside.  Very decadent.  I even lay claim to a small, green decorative pin made available to me so that I might proudly display my allegiance.

If you are a consumer of fine candies and haven’t yet found the delight of enjoying See’s, I invite you to join me in the pristine white storefront where you can find framed photographs of 1920s era See’s assembly line and pictures of Mary See, the smart woman who started it all.  Actually, there is quite a story behind the face of the company.  Learn the story online.  But better yet, acquaint yourself with the candy.  Trust me, run-of-the-mill Nestle’s and Hershey’s take a back seat.

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