imageOf the table variety.  Table Tennis with the typical white balls, although I have recently discovered ping pong balls in a variety of colors, even fluorescent and tie-dye!  When I was growing up our table was in the garage.  I do not think I ever got very good at it, but I did enjoy it.  Non-competitive, for a non-competitive non-athlete.  Me.  I never ventured into athletics while growing up as it seemed to run counter to my athletic prowess, which is to say I had no prowess.  I did not develop upper body strength, nor did I possess speed and agility.  Actually, I tried to offer all the attributes that an athlete has, but it was an exercise in futility.  I especially hated balls coming at me.  And, tether ball?  Forget it.  The rope would wrap around my arm and sting.  What was I trying to prove?  Well, I think I proved it.

Our new ping pong table graces a spot on our backyard patio.  It is partially blocked by a wall so that even when the wind kicks up, the game goes on.  We had to move the patio table and chairs beside the old apricot tree in a corner of the yard so we could free the space for our new fun zone.  When looking to just have fun, we go for highest number attained within the rally.  So far 102 strikes with the paddle non-stop.  My son & his wife come over to visit and they become formidable opponents.  All in good fun.  I try never to take sports endeavors too seriously.  Ruins the atmosphere.  I say, have fun with your table tennis skills.  Assuming that she may not have a table tennis set, I look forward to playing with my soon-to-arrive college student from Japan.  She will be with us for two weeks.  We will shoot for 125 non-stop strikes.



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